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Central Washington's True Texas Style BBQ


Live Fire

Real Wood

No Pellets

No Kidding

What Makes Us Different

Our Food

We cook "all" of our menu items with live fire, meats, sides, or desserts.  No ovens.  Our most recent pit was built in Austin, TX, the heart of Texas BBQ and provides 1,000 gallons of space to prepare large menus.  We purchase only prime grade, grass fed beef and premium ingredients. When possible, we purchase produce from local growers. We both know the taste difference in a locally grown product and want to share that with you.  We hand prepare all of our menu items. If an item can be bought pre packaged and poured in a bowl, it is not on our menu to serve to you. After all, you can do that, why hire us? You will taste the difference, trust us. 

Our Owner

Justin Fox is the sole owner and operator of Burch Mountain BBQ. Justin was born and raised in Oklahoma, bringing the flavors he grew up with to the meats and foods he prepares for you. Justin is a Cherokee native and proud to be a small business owner within the BIPOC population. 

Our Work Ethic

Burch Mountain BBQ has operated since 2018 with a work ethic like no other in the area.  When we began, our promise to our customers was to "show up". We will be there rain, snow, or sunshine. We work all 12 months of the year.  All of  our food is hand prepared by Justin.  No matter the guest count, you can be assured that Justin has hand prepared your menu to insure you are served the quality product you deserve.  At times this can mean 18-20  hour work days, but we do it because we we will "show up", not just in person but in quality. There is no "set it and forget it" involved in our cooks. Human hands are feeding the fire, human eyes are watching temperature gauges, and human hands are trimming and prepping meats and sides. It is not easy, not everyone can do it, but "we" can.  

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