Justin is the owner and grill master of Burch Mountain BBQ. Valerie is his business and life partner. 

Justin prides himself on the flavor of his foods. He hand selects real wood, to include oak, maple, cherry, and apple. Our meats are flavored with real wood flavor and coal fire.  We are continually working of adding unique flavor to our sides. 

His grilling unit was custom built and meant to feed large numbers at one time. 

Justin is Oklahoma born and PNW transplanted. You will taste that in his food.  Valerie was raised in Louisiana and PNW transplanted. Valerie is Justin's partner in life and business manager. She brings her southern flavor to many of his dishes.

He has ordered a 1,000 gallon Moberg Smoker that will be ready in the spring of 2021. 

We started this business with three things in mind: Bring the BBQ flavor of Oklahoma to the PNW, Do not run out of food for catered events, and follow through. If you contact us, you will hear back from us, even if we cannot help you with your event. 


Not pictured, is me... The business manager, Valerie. Often I will be the one you hear from via email as well as checking for available dates. I keep him as organized as I can. 

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