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Justin is the owner of Burch Mountain BBQ. Valerie is his business and life partner. We now have two part time team members and hope to grow more as the business grows. 
Part of our crew, is also our smokers. We now have two pits, with our new addition, Paula Jean, we just brought home from outside of Austin, TX

Justin prides himself on his foods having impactful flavor. Oak wood is his preference in his cooks and you can see evidence of this by our constant wood pile near our pit.  Our meats are flavored with real wood flavor and coal fire.  We are continually working of adding unique flavor to our sides. 

Justin is Oklahoma born and PNW transplanted. You will taste that in his food. Valerie is Justin's partner in life and business manager. Valerie was raised in Louisiana and PNW transplanted, her southern flavor shows up in many side dishes and desserts.


Our mobile grilling unit has been popular at pop up events and catered events the past three years, however, we were outgrowing the space it provided. We just returned from the Austin area of Texas with the new addition to our Pit Family. She is pictured below and quite a beauty as well as a meat smoking mama. "Paula Jean's Stacked Dimes" was custom built by Sunny Moberg in Dripping Springs, TX. Our trip included 5,000 miles of road,half of that with "Paula Jean" in tow. She endured a hail storm in Kansas with not one blemish (wish we could say the same about our Silverado). We were stopped at gas stations for tours of her insides and outsides, pictures were taken, and folks wanted to know where they could come try our food, all the way from Missouri (not sure he was expecting Washington as our answer). It was a fun, tiring, but fulfilling trip and we are glad to be back.