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The How, When, and Where you can purchase our food.

We "do not" operate as a restaurant. Here are some ways you can enjoy our food.

Rock Island Pick Up Window

Christmas PreOrder Link

As previously stated in our Bio, we do not operate as a restaurant. We are not have operating hours for randomly picking up our food.
We are offering PreOrders for Whole Smoked Turkey Breast, Whole Smoked and Seared Tri Tip, Whole Slabs of Ribs for Christmas Day Pick Up from 10:30am to 2:00pm. We will also have some side options and dessert options listed.   Limited Quantity. Order sooner than later. Click the button above to be taken the page to purchase, then tap the photo of the item you want to purchase. 
Follow us on Instagram for the most up to date information on our events and announcements.  

Make a Self Catering order

Fill out the contact form on our website

If you have a smaller event or get together and you would like to place a pick up self catering order, please fill our our contact form and we will get back to you. Please be aware, we are rarely available to complete orders with a short window of time (read Bio for the reason why).  If you are placing a self catering order, please contact us at least  two weeks ahead of your event, so we can assess the calendar and supply availability for your order. 

Pop Up Events

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